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dxa and reference-implementation tags

We have two tags for the same thing: dxa and reference-implementation. The new name for the Tridion Reference implementaton is DXA: Digital Experience Accellerator, so I think we should keep only dxa....
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Should webdev be a synonym of webdav

webdev has been made into a synonym for webdav. This is a mistake (No offence, Bart.) Webdev is surely short for "Web Development" - however I can't prove this because it's now impossible to find the ...
3 votes
1 answer

SmartTarget vs Smart-Target

There is a tag named smart-target, however the product name is not 2 words, just one, so the tag should be named smarttarget. Should we merge this somehow? I tried editing and renaming one of the ...
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Should tags ambient and ambient-data-framework be merged?

I propose to merge ambient and ambient-data-framework.
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2 answers

Should 'templates' be a synonym for 'templating' and should 'auto-publish' be a synonym for 'publishing'?

In looking at the current proposed Tag Synonyms there were two that stood out to me as being almost no-brainers: templates is proposed as a synonym for templating auto-publish is proposed as a ...
7 votes
4 answers

Should deployment be a synonym for content-delivery?

In looking at the Tag Synonyms ( suggested by Bart, one of the suggestions that really stood out to me as maybe not being a good idea is the one for ...