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Deletion of the content-porter-web8 tag?

I'd like to suggest that we delete the following tag: I think that this would be covered by tagging questions with both web8 and ...
8 votes
2 answers

Should we rename the 'tri' tag to 'reference implementation'?

I appreciate that there needs to be a tag for the Tridion Reference Implementation. But I highly doubt that tri is the best tag name. If the product itself was named 'tri' that would be a great tag ...
4 votes
3 answers

Should "SP1" tags really be synonyms?

The tag 2013-sp1 is a synonym of 2013, while sp1 is its own independent tag. It seems to me that: The sp1 tag is useless on its own - it does not atomically represent a concrete, independent thing. ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Is the "api" tag required?

The api tag seems to be being used for several different concepts This question is about the DD4T API Tridion 2011 SP1 HR1 - PageContentAssembler This question is about the Deployer Obtain ...
7 votes
4 answers

Should deployment be a synonym for content-delivery?

In looking at the Tag Synonyms ( suggested by Bart, one of the suggestions that really stood out to me as maybe not being a good idea is the one for ...
5 votes
2 answers

Is ".net" a valid tag?

Seems to me it's a bit unecessary because the other tags on questions tagged with it indicate that the area of Tridion being discussed is .NET What does everyone else think? https://tridion....
6 votes
2 answers

content-modelling vs. content-modeling which tag spelling to use?

So far we only have one question (What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a "General Content" Schema? ) tagged with content-modelling. Before we get any additional questions ...
7 votes
1 answer

How should we document tags for questions mentioning specific service packs or hotfix rollups?

In How should we document version tags like Tridion-2011 we decided to use just product version numbers such as 2011 or 5.3 for tags related to specific versions of a Tridion product. At the time we ...
3 votes
2 answers

What should we do when questions are tagged with ui2012

We have several questions tagged with ui2012 AmbientDataContext is not properly initialised, Extending Tridion Experience Manager and Tridion Experience Manager & Static Implementation One of ...
7 votes
5 answers

What to do with these tags?

I've started looking at the first few tags that people are using, and I think that we should keep a close eye on this. Here's a few tags that I propose to "erase" or modify: embedded-schema: delete, ...
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8 votes
1 answer

How should we document version tags like tridion-2011

I proposed the following Tag Wiki Excerpt for the tridion-2011 tag: SDL Tridion 2011 is the name of the SDL Tridion Content Management System released in 2010 and the following description: ...
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