I appreciate that there needs to be a tag for the Tridion Reference Implementation.

But I highly doubt that is the best tag name. If the product itself was named 'tri' that would be a great tag to use. But it's not: it is named Tridion Reference Implementation (when used outside of a Tridion context) or Reference Implementation (when the Tridion context has already been established).

Can we get rid of the tag and just use ?


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Definitely not in favor of , doesn't seem to make much sense unless you're aware of all the TLAs, like ST, XPM, FH, TCM, CD, TDS, AM (1 & 2), OE, SE, DCP, DCT, CID, TBB, UGC, etc.

BTW, it is named SDL Tridion Reference Implementation, since the product name is SDL Tridion.


Fair point. Have actioned: is no more.

  • Thanks Rob. I was looking for a "propose another name for this tag" button, but guess it either doesn't exist or I don't have sufficient rep for it. Sep 8, 2014 at 22:07

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