Seems to me it's a bit unecessary because the other tags on questions tagged with it indicate that the area of Tridion being discussed is .NET

What does everyone else think?



Neither of those questions seem to be about .net. I removed the tag from those questions.

  • On those two questions it looks like people are using the .net tag just to indicate they are coding in .net (as opposed to java I guess) and not to ask specific questions about .net so I say removing them was definitely the way to go. Mar 19 '13 at 17:35

I would not recommend using .NET tag, I think SDL Tridion specific tags are sufficient, as all of us know what all parts of SDL Tridion are in .NET (C# TBB, Event System etc.) and what all are in Java (Deployer Extn, Storage Ext. or Pre-Processors etc.)

Apart from it; it would be related to configuration/installation or some other common things like Component Presentation in Java or .NET, so it would be better if specify that in the question as well instead of having a separate tag altogether. Thoughts?

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